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A fast and cost-effective way to obtain candidate provided references. Conducting thorough reference and background checks is a time-consuming process, underscoring the importance of efficiency in the recruitment of your next team member.

CV Screen’s online reference checking services offer a balance of cost-effectiveness and speed, without compromising accuracy. These thorough checks validate a candidate’s past employment history and references, with results promptly delivered to employers via email upon completion. Our track record includes successfully assisting companies in Australia and around the world with streamlined reference checks, simplifying the hiring process for employers seeking the perfect candidates.

Reference requests are sent directly to the nominated referee for faster response times. A customisable questionnaire of up to 15 performance/behavioural based questions are designed to give employers the essential amount of information to assess a candidate’s past job performance and capabilities.

Note: CV Screen relies on the nominated referee to complete the questionnaire in a timely manner. Rest assured, our team will follow-up as much as possible with third parties and keep you informed along the way.

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