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What is a Police Check, Police Clearance or Criminal Background Check?

The Australian police check is formally known as a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. It is a report that is often required when applying for employment, positions of trust, licensing, student placement and volunteer work. The police check assists organisations to make informed decisions about an individual’s suitability for:

  • Recruitment, job applications and pre-employment screening
  • Volunteer and not for profit positions
  • Working with children or vulnerable people
  • Adoption applications
  • Occupation related licensing
  • Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
  • Firearm licensing.

In Australia, the ACIC administer the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, which can sometimes be referred to colloquially as a police check, Background Check, police check Certificate, National Police Clearance, Criminal Background Check, Criminal History Check, Criminal Record Verification and so on. All of these checks refer to the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

There is one centralised criminal history database in Australia, which means instead of each state having their own police check, there is only one nationally accepted police check.

Why CV Screen?

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Thousands of individuals trust CV Screen to process their Criminal Background Check.

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CV Screen is one of Australia’s cheapest provider of police check.

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Police Checks for Occupational Licensing

Most occupational licensing applications (Plumbers, Electricians, Builders) must be accompanied by an Australian police check, including Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety police checks.

Nationally Accepted Criminal Background Check

The nationally accepted police check is trusted and valid in all Australian states and territories and can be used in:

Western Australia (police check WA)
Australian Capital Territory (police check ACT)
New South Wales (police check NSW)
South Australia (police check SA)
Northern Territory (police check NT)
Queensland (police check QLD)
Tasmania (police check TAS)
Victoria (police check VIC)

National Accreditation

CV Screen is an ACIC Accredited provider of police checks in Australia, which means we have incorporated strict legislative criteria and capabilities from the ACIC.

This includes verified company legitimacy and security requirements to ensure full integration and compliance.

CV Screen partners with the Police and the ACIC to deliver one of Australia’s cheapest and fastest police checks.

What is the Process?

Buying a check from CV Screen is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Create and verify your account
  2. Complete the online application form
  3. CV Screen will email to you your police check certificate


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*Note: CV Screen operates a 24 hours Service for reviewing and confirming the accuracy of applications received. Around 70 per cent of all checks submitted are completed and returned immediately, all other checks can take longer than 10 days to return due to potential matches with an applicant name and the national criminal history databases. These instances can occur with common names, as someone in Australia may have logged criminal history in the same name.