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ACIC Accredited Pre-Employment Background Checks
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CV Screen is an ACIC accredited and trusted provider of background screening services Australia-wide. Our mission is to deliver a fast, streamlined, and cost-efficient background screening service without slowing down the recruitment process.

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Employment Background Checks

Employment background checks refer to the process of investigating and evaluating an individual’s history, including their work experience, criminal record, educational qualifications, and other relevant information, to assess their suitability for a job position. This screening is typically conducted by employers to make informed hiring decisions and mitigate potential risks associated with a candidate’s background.

Background Checks for Occupational Licensing

Most occupational licensing applications (Plumbers, Electricians, Builders) must be accompanied by an Australian Background check, including Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety police checks.

Background Screening Policy

Your background screening policy needs to be relevant to your organisation, and align with your hiring practices, desired hiring outcomes and industry-specific regulatory requirements. It’s also important to consider the specific risks your business and industry is exposed to.


National Background Check
RTW in Australia Check
Identity Verification
Reference Check
Employment History Check


Everything in Essential
Academic Qualification Check
Professional Membership Check


Everything in Professional
Referee Validation Check
Bankruptcy Record Check
Traffic Check
Psychometric Assessment
Medical Assessment

The implementation of a background screening policy is essential for any business looking to apply best practice when hiring new employees and ensures compliance with industry-relevant standards. Not only does background screening minimise risk and ensures your business meets industry regulations, it’s also a great way to ensure efficiency, consistency and fairness across recruitment and HR processes.

What is the Process?

CV Screen’s online platform makes ordering background screening checks a fast and simple process. The business user will simply login to CV Screen’s secure online platform, enters the candidate and role details and selects the types of background checks to be completed. Once submitted to CV Screen, our expert team will take care of the rest.


CV Screen operates as an extension of your hiring process and strives to improve the overall experience for your team and candidates. We conduct and chase all your checks, while keeping you updated using our secure and user friendly portal.

CV Screen collaborates with governmental entities and numerous organizations and businesses spanning various industries. Our focus is on delivering comprehensive screening packages tailored to meet the distinct requirements of each individual client.

What Are You Waiting For?

Simple, fast and user-friendly business background checks.